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MEETMeet Bren Hammel

My Story is a strange and funny one. I started on digital marketing back over 10 years ago. I was in high school, and I was making to much money for someone aged just 17 years old. I was earning more than my Mum (teacher) and father (mining industry) combined.

I lived really well, flying overseas, new car and just having lots of fun. I thought work, being in business and just being an adult was easy.

Until, I lost everything overnight. Google had an update called Panda, and my business and work had stopped producing sales and my income. I remembered being devastated and angry. I had been brought down by one single algorithm update by Google.

But I learnt some valuable life lessons. But, more importantly, I discovered that I didn’t know enough about business in general, and marketing.

That lead to creating a morning ritual where I spend the first 90min of everyday learning. And I have done this for over 8 years. The accumulation of effort and knowledge has lead to me having tremendous personal success with the businesses I have, and more importantly clients having great success with the campaigns i implement for them.

Over that time I have learnt almost everything there is to know about online marketing. Well, not quiet everything, because I still spend every morning learning.

Bren Hammel

Why Do I (We) Do What I Do?

This drives me crazy. I do what I do because I hate to see people not getting a job done correctly or simply being ripped off.

I’ve seen people almost lose their business because of a simple new web design. I’ve seen people being ripped for simple things like web hosting and domain names.

I’ve seen people pull the wool over people’s eye saying they can do something properly. But, produce something that leads me to believe that they don’t even know the basics of marketing.


My (Our) Beliefs

I believe that all digital marketing efforts should be geared to driving sales and producing revenue.

Not producing rubbish like Facebook likes, Pinterest pins or even rankings, etc. To me they are just process metrics, they show me things are moving in the right direction.

I am solely interested in the bottom line, MONEY.

I am not interested in ego. I am not out for my name in lights. I am not concerned who gets credited with the marketing WIN. I just want the client to WIN and SUCCEED.


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