Worldwide Businesses Use Our Services Because We Get Higher Rankings & Increase Your Websites Conversion Rate Guaranteed

“What Does This Mean?”

More Traffic + Increased Conversion Rate = More People Making More Sales!

At Eureka S.E.M we provide world class online marketing services to businesses all around the world. We take care of everything from web design to search engine optimisation, pay per click and conversion rate optimisation. While you are getting more traffic we are also working hard testing and optimising your website to convert more visitor into business.

What Our Online Marketing Skills Do For You

  • Get more visitors to your site – We get the people looking for your products or services to learn about your business and buy what you offer.
  • Convert more visitors in inquiries/sales – We are continually working on improving your websites ability to convert visitors into business.
  • Provide comprehensive strategies – We are able to provide you with strategies that make your website more effective for your business.
  • Transparent reporting – we provide you with transparent reports and recommendations so know what is going on & what is being improved.
  • Take care of it all – we have the ability to take care of all your online marketing needs from web design to search engine optimisation, pay per click and conversion rate optimisation.

Why Choose Eureka Search Engine Marketing?

  • No lock in contracts – If you are not satisfies with our service you can leave anytime.
  • Transparent Reporting – Report that details the strengths and weaknesses of your online campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Strategies – Proven strategies for all types of businesses.
  • ROI Focused – Profit is the key indicator of success not rankings.
  • Exceptional Service – We are friendly, experienced and love helping people achieve their goals.

Client Stories

1. Unexpected Results

This business was in the top 5 for all their major keyword phrases. Getting enough traffic to be extremely profitable but the wanted more. Here are the results:

online marketing resultsResult: We increased traffic by over 40.3% in a very competitive industry that is becoming even more populated and competitive everyday.

2. Never Tried Online Marketing Before

This business had never worked with an online marketing agency before. The results speak for themselves:

working with online marketing agency

Results: comparing results before and after traffic has increased 122.41%. They have more than 15 keywords on the first page and are generating inquiries on a daily basis.


3. More Inquiries Than Ever Before

Another successful outcome with another well established business online. Over 20 Keyword phrases already on the first page of Google. They wanted to see if they could get more from their site in terms of inquiries. Here are the results:

internet advertising page results 3

Results: Results increased by nearly a third in a competitive industry. This year is on track to be there best year yet (look at the end of the graph).

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