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All Our PPC Activities Drive You More Profitable Customers.

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If you want a profitable PPC campaign that is delivering you hordes of new customers every day at a cost per acquisition that is below your target, then we may be the perfect PPC management team to you.

There is no hiding PPC has become more competitive therefore the cost per click has risen. But more than ever PPC see can drive huge amounts profitable customers into the lap of your business. But how can we promise this with the cost of PPC rising?

Because at Eureka search engine marketing we don’t just tweak and optimised your pay per click campaign, we work to optimise the conversion rate of your landing pages so you can make unexpected huge profits from PPC.


Why our PPC clients choose and stay with us

  • All of our PPC management activities are focused on driving revenue and profit for your business.
  • We take a data driven approach to all of our hypotheses and strategies.
  • We test absolutely everything nothing is left to chance or opinion
  • We will improve your conversion rate delivering you more profitable customers.
  • We have an extensive track record of delivering an impressive ROI with PPC.
  • We have no long-term contracts (or any contracts for that matter).

Our Results

Before And After
Case Study No. 1

From just 41 enquiries per month,
to 125 at a dramatically lower cost.

Month 1: “Before”

BNB Before

In month 1 the client receive 41 enquiries at a cost of $42.62 per enquiry.
Month 5: “After”

BNB After

By month 5, enquiries increased to 125 (204% improvement) per month, at a cost of just $13.09
Before And After
Case Study No. 2

Enquiry volume more than triples while cost
per conversion plummets by 62%.

Month 1: “Before”

Crefco Before

In month 1, this client received 643 conversions at a cost of $28.50.
Month 7: “After”

crefco After

By month 7, conversion had increased to 2075 (217% improvement) at a cost of just $10.67
Before And After
Case Study No. 3

Doubled the amount of enquires,
whilst decreasing cost per enquiry by 59%

Month 1: “Before”


In month 1, the client received 18 enquiries at a cost of $93.28 each
Month 3: “After”


By month 3, enquiries increased to 44 per month (144% improvement) at 59% lower cost.